What documents may I submit to verify my identity?

 For Proof of Identity verification (POI), we require one of the following documents:

  • National Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • Permanent Residence Documentation

Temporary residence permits or other types of identity documents will not be accepted.

You must complete the Identity verification to be able to make use of all features on your account. If your account is not verified, you will not have the option to make a deposit or create a Live Account on FxSway. 


  • Must be an official government-issued document.
  • We need to have an image of both the front and back of the document.
  • Must be able to see the full, four corners of the document.
  • Client must be aged 18 or over.
  • Document cannot be expired, must still be valid/in date. (Document invalidation takes place 5 days prior to expiration on system).
  • Cannot be a screenshot from a computer or mobile device.
  • Must state your Date of Birth.
  • Please ensure the document is not password protected.
  • File format: .jpeg or .png files only.

Tampered or edited documents will be automatically rejected and any minors found will be suspended.

Examples of how we require your document to be submitted may be found below:


  • Full document provided (all four corners showing).
  • Image quality is overall good.
  • Not edited or tampered.


  • Document is torn.
  • Not all the information can be seen.