What are account types on MetaTrader?

In MetaTrader, you will find various types of accounts pairs to trade such as standard, pro, var, or mini.
We offer different account typer with different spreads and commissions to suit various trading styles.

For example:

  • GBP USD means Standard ECN account: 
    Majors pairs have a medium spread and a $7 commission. 

  • GPBUSD.pro means Pro ECN account: 
    PRO pairs have low spreads with a $9 commission. 

  • GPBUSD.var means Var ECN account:
    VAR pairs have a higher spread and a $0 commission 

  • GPBUSD.mini means Mini ECN account:
    Smaller lot sizes (1 lot = 1000) with $1 commission

        Indexes that make use of .mini pairs have the same lot size with a $7 commission.

 Different account types are only available for Forex and certain symbols.