How can I take a screenshot on Windows?

  • Snip & Sketch - To activate snip and sketch, hold the Shift, Windows button and S key. When the buttons are simultaneously pressed, the program will appear, allowing you to snip rectangularly, freehand or an individual program window.

    Once your snip is taken, it will be saved to the clipboard where you can edit using a pen, highlighter, cropping tools etc. Once satisfied, you can save the image to a folder. 

How can I take a screenshot on MAC?

  • Shift, Command & 3 - To take a screenshot, you will need to hold those three keys together. You will then see a thumbnail in the corner of your screen, which is editable by clicking on it. If you do not need to edit the image, it will automatically save to your desktop.

How can I take a screenshot on an Android device?

  • Power & Volume Down - Taking a screenshot on Android is very straight forward. Simply hold the power and volume down button simultaneously and your screenshot will be saved to your gallery.

How can I take a screenshot on an iPhone device?

  • Power & Volume Up - This process is very similar to Android, however, in this case you will need to use the power and volume up button. The image will be saved to your camera roll.