The first step to becoming a Money Manager is to create a Manager account. Once this is set up, you will be able to create a Fund and start gathering investors.

You are only able to create ONE Manager account, however, there are no restrictions on the number of funds created.

Kindly bear in mind that to become a Money Manager, your account must be verified. For guidance on verifying your account, click here.

Kindly note that Money Manager accounts can only be opened in USD.

How to create a PAMM Manager account.

  • Go to the My Accounts tab on your FxSway account.
  • Select PAMM Manager as your account type.
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  • Click on Create Account.

Your newly created Manager account will be populated in the Accounts list. 

The next step is to create a Fund account. For guidance, please click here