Setting up an offer is a very important step for Money Managers since this offer will depend on your income for your trading services.

When creating a Fund account, a default offer will automatically be created. This is an offer with NO fees whatsoever. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to amend the offer immediately once a fund is created. 

How to Set up an Offer

  • Access your PAMM Manager account.
  • Select your fund.

  • Click on the Offers tab.
  • Click on Create.

The Offer settings may now be changed from this pop-up window. 

  • You may change the offer name and publicity in the first section.

In the configuration area, you are able to set the "requirements" of the fund.

  • The trading interval allows you to set how often the offer will be charged.

You will then need to set minimum requirements for Deposits, Withdrawals, and the Initial Investment.

  • Deposit - The minimum amount for the 2nd deposit onwards.
  • Withdrawal - The minimum amount to withdraw funds from a fund.
  • Initial investment - The minimum amount to join the fund.

The Performance fees section is based on how much profit you are able to generate from the investor's investments. This section works with percentages.

In the below example, A 12% fee will be charged if 0-30% profit return is generated. If the profit is greater than 30%, a 15% fee will be charged.

The Management fee is charged for handling investors' funds and is not based on any performance. This fee depends on the amount of equity an investor adds to the fund.

In this fee, you are able to decide whether a percentage will be charged or if the value-added is the amount that needs to be deducted as a fee. This can be done by clicking on the indicated symbol.

In the example below, if the investor invests $0-500, a 10% fee will be charged. If the investment is greater than $500, then a 2% fee is applicable.

Deposit fees are charged immediately from the 1st investment. This is charged as a percentage. 

Therefore, in the example below, deposits from $0-1000 will require a 8% fee, whereas deposits from $1000 onwards require a 5% fee.

Click on Create once done.

In the final Join Links section, you will be able to create a link to send to potential investors. Click here for guidance.